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About AyurvedAyurveda.com

Based in Bangalore, India; AyurvedAyurveda.com is a site run and managed by professionals in the Ayurveda industry. We strive to provide customers with herbal and ayurvedic products for all general ailments. Most of the products sold are otc products or simple classical ayurveda products. The products are from reputed manufacturers in India. We sell genuine Ayurveda products from genuine brands at best prices in India.


If you have a medical condition we recommend you to meet a qualified healthcare professional and not to depend on our website for medical help. Products on our site are for customers who are aware of Ayurveda and know what product they need. It has been categorised by health issues only to make the purchase experience easier.  We do not promote self medication. If you are Bangalore we recommend you to meet our doctors for advice.